Order & Fulfillment Storage by Zelf Ltd

20th October 2017

We have been working with local companies offering a order fulfillment and storage service. 

What is fulfillment? 

Process of taking an order and executing it by making it ready for delivery to its intended customer. It may involve warehouse pickup, packaging, labeling, etc.

Recently two clients have decided to use our fulfillment services;

Case 1 - Kitchen Company

We have received delivery of full kitchens/spares to our Devizes warehouse. Proceeding to store, pick and deliver all desired kitchens / part replacements to the customer.


Case 2 - Bedding / Matress company


Does your business have any requirement for fulfillment? Whether you have outgrown your current procedure or maybe you just require a little help with order fulfillment. Please do not hesitate to contact our Devizes office on 01380 729599 and our helpful fulfillment team will be more than happy to help.