Can Zelf “fulfil” your requirements?

02nd October 2017


Here at Zelf we like to think that we are pretty flexible. So when Dianne Skurray of AquaEsse Essential Waters enquired about a fulfilment service for her new innovative pure alkaline water products, we dived in feet first and showed exactly what we can do.


Fulfilment is one of the largest growing warehouse sectors in Europe. We know that your operation is crucial to business success. We want to take the headache away from order picking and storage in your business. With our extensive warehouses based right here in Devizes we can store, pick and distribute without any stress or worries of chasing deliveries and P.O.Ds

We don’t claim to be experts, but with our passion and forward thinking approach to offer all of our customers the best possible service. We at Zelf believe with our honest and hardworking approach we can fulfil any requirements you may have.

Do you require fulfilment? Contact us on 01380 729599 and tell us about your business and how we can help.