Self Storage

This is the most common storage; you deliver the items, you load the container and we store it for you. We do not require any notice for you to access your items, just turn up, sign in

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Easy Loading & Unloading 

We dont have any stairs or lifts to worry about and with most of our containers you can drive right up to them to unload, making it really simple and easy to load and unload your items.

Store the House, office or even the kitchen sink!

Self storage is the traditional storage method whereby you bring your items to the storage depot, but please note we also offer Mobile Storage and Removals and Storage too where we can bring the storage to you! 

We even loan you FREE removal blankets! Each container will have 10 blankets already in there for you to use to protect your furniture. What more can you ask for?

Currently access is only Monday - Saturday 0800-1800. We do not require any notice, just turn up and sign in.

Simple pay options
Payment is made easy, no need to set reminders in your calender, we set up a standing order or a direct debit to come out every 4 weeks. We do have an initial minimum charge of 4 weeks.

Check out for insurance rates for our facility 

Safe & Secure.
Our storage is all inside and we have a fully functional Burgular and Fire alarm system. You lock your container with your own padlock, so only you have the key to the unit.
No Cancellation fees.
If you want to end storage just give us 14 days notice and we’ll simply refund any full weeks back to you after the first 4 weeks.
Discounts the longer you store.
Store for longer and we will reward you, we set you up on an initial rate based on the time you estimate to be in storage, but if you end up staying in storage longer than estimated then the daily rate decreases and we could end up paying you! - wouldnt that be nice.

No Hidden fees. 
We ask for a £100 deposit as a security against damage and any potential mis-payments.